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Personal Fitness Trainer Examination Part I, Open Enrollment

Over the past few years the NBFE has had hundreds of letters from certified personal trainers that want to sit for the National Board exams but the organization that they obtained their certification through has not yet submitted their application or curriculum to the NBFE. In response to the demand of fitness professionals who support a single standardized examination process, the NBFE Board of Trustees recently approved an open enrollment process to allow qualified applicants the ability to sit for the national boards and become registered with the NBFE.

The NBFE is now allowing a period for ALL capable and experienced trainers meeting 3 requirements to sit for the Personal Fitness Trainer Examination, Part I. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Hold a current, valid certification from a nationally recognized fitness organization or a health or fitness related degree.
  2. Hold a current American Heart Association/American Red Cross CPR certificate.
  3. Hold a current American Heart Association/American Red Cross AED certificate.
  4. Have completed at least 500 hours of practical training or experience in the health and fitness profession.

All testing candidates registering during open enrollment must be willing to complete a legally binding document certifying they meet these requirements and provide documentation indicating this upon request.

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