NBFE Update

The NBFE has completed a comprehensive review of the provisional affiliate organizationís Personal Trainer Certification programs. The review committee analyzed seven (7) major test areas and sixteen (16) measurable test objectives to ensure that graduates of each affiliate program were prepared to take the NBFE National Board Exams.

Scores awarded were passing 95-100; provisional 90-94; where as 93 and below were asked to resubmit. Recommendations for improvement were included with each review.

Within the next five (5) years the NBFE will be asking all organizations to provide a grid, mapping specific exams questions and tasks to NBFE sections and objectives exams specific to the weight and score of each report.

Congratulations! Each of the following organizations have become a Full Affiliate of the National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE). New logos have been sent to these organization distinguishing this recognition.

Thank you to each organization for your professionalism and commitment as an industry NBFE Affiliate.

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