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New FAQ Why should I take the National Boards?
New FAQ Have any states that have recently proposed legislation to license personal trainers considered using the NBFE Board examination as part of their regulatory requirements?
New FAQ If a state requires personal trainers to become licensed, will I be "grandfathered" in?
New FAQ What does "open enrollment" mean?
New FAQ Did the NBFE initiate licensure proceedings or initiate contact with any state at any time to promote licensure?

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NBFE Personal Fitness Trainer Exam

Florida Personal Trainer Licensing Update New Post

SB 1616, a proposed Senate bill in Florida that would require personal trainers to become licensed, has died as of May 2, 2014 without any action or Committee hearings.

D.C. To Regulate Personal Trainers New Post

The District of Columbia has become the first United States jurisdiction to adopt legislation to regulate the personal training profession.

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Florida Moves to License Personal Trainers New Post

On March 10, 2014, Florida State Senator Maria Sachs introduced SB 1616 into the Florida legislature. This bill is formulated to require the licensure of personal trainers in that state.

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NBFE Update

The NBFE has completed a comprehensive review of the provisional affiliate organizationís Personal Trainer Certification programs. The review committee analyzed seven (7) major test areas and sixteen (16) measurable test objectives to ensure that graduates of each affiliate program were prepared to take the NBFE National Board Exams.

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Over the past few years, hundreds of certified fitness trainers have expressed a desire to take the the NBFE exams but hold a certification from a national organization that chose not to become an Affiliate of the NBFE.

The NBFE believes that these individuals should not be denied the opportunity to take the National Boards simply because their certifying organization does not understand the importance of a single, nationally standardized examination process for the personal training profession.

Therefore, as a result of this overwhelming demand from the fitness profession, the NBFE has implemented Open Enrollment. This means that candidates certified through national organizations that have not become NBFE Affiliates will now be able to register for Part I of the Personal Fitness Trainer Examination (PFTE).

Since states are considering using the NBFE exam as a licensing exam for personal trainers, in lieu of 50 individual state licensing exams, the NBFE believes it is in the best interest of the profession to support the trainers' demand and change the enrollment process.

Eligible candidates must now demonstrate proof of a current personal training certification (i.e., ACSM, ACE, NASM, NSCA etc.,) in order to participate and verify at least 500 hours of experience as a personal trainer.

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